Our Values

The Benchmark Philosophy

Achieving excellence through passion for designs and heartfelt services.

The Benchmark Vision

To help transform the lifestyles of the people of Sarawak through modern and clever interior designs while building awareness among traditional home and/or business owners as well as developers – the importance of space planning and interior design. Thus, creating a more design-concious environment as we march towards modernity.

The Benchmark Mission

Through our designs – BD is committed to deliver designs that are aesthetically balanced and timeless. Functionality of designs are always carefully weighed with minimal compromise on the aesthetics of design. Always find or create opportunities to apply element(s) of surprise into each and every project.

Through our interpersonal services – BD aims to serve our clients from planning to implementation, and even after completion. We strive to serve with ‘a lot of heart’.

“In order to deliver a successful end result, it always begins first hand with uncompromised understanding of the client’s needs.”